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Feeling inspired to contribute to the growth of our social projects?

We greatly appreciate the generosity and support of the people who are inspired by the work we do. If you’d like to be part of our success we ask that you donate to us through one of the methods below. If you would like to provide in-kind donations (for example: books to grow our library), please reach out to us via email with details. We are working hard to generate our own funds and utilise the in-kind support of volunteers, so your donation will be long lasting and well used!

We are excited to be partnered with two organizations that help facilitate donations on our behalf: The Omprakash Foundation in the United States, and Sustainability Partners in the UK. As both organizations are linked to multiple organizations around the world, please be sure to specify that your donation is for Luz Verde, or we may not receive it!

Donations from the United States, please go here (direct link to donate to us).
Donations from the UK and Ireland, please go here (please specify that your donation is for Luz Verde).

All others, please send us an email or call to discuss options.

What do we need funding for?

  • Library Bus: One of our goals is to establish a second weekly route to double our impact and reach more pre- and primary schools in rural areas. We are seeking funds for operations as well as to grow our book collection. We need 10,000 books to lend to over 1000 children.
  • A second exciting phase is the development of educational workshops in each village, providing information, training and support for some desperate social needs, like bullying, sexual abuse of children and women, domestic violence and parental disciplinary techniques, nutrition and public health, self-help health-care, learning special needs,  environmental education beginning in the home, and so much more…
    • We’re currently building an Amazon Wishlist for ideas about the in-kind support that we need, check back soon for further information.
  • Training: Training for staff and outreach teams is essential, and very hard to find without better funding and then it  allows us to provide the best possible services, for an extra driver,  as a growing implementer of social programs.
  • Additionally we seek funding to train our small-scale  growers in the Organic Gardens Program in seed saving methods for future sustainability through our friends at
  • Infrastructure: This includes maintenance on our first vehicle which supports the library bus and is essential for project implmentation and supervision.
  • We need a second vehicle for 2016

There are many other opportunities to get involved so we’d love to hear from you!

Please also get in touch if you would like to volunteer, or support us by spreading the word.