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De el Hotel Meson, una cuadra al este, Esteli

Note: Cafe Luz and Luna Hostel are across the street from one another; the cafe is better known by local taxi drivers. Note that addresses are usually given using landmarks, and you may use the above or una cuadra al norte del fondo del catedral.

Arriving to Estelí by bus:

Estelí is a safe and welcoming city located about 150km north of Managua.

From Managua: Buses run from the Mayoreo Terminal; the last expreso (direct) leaves Managua at 5:45 p.m. (journey time: 2.5 hrs; shorter by taxi or personal vehicle)

From Ocotal: Journey time is about 1.5 hrs; be sure to check when the last bus leaves (approximately 5p.m.).

From León: There are microbuses that take 2.5 hours; regular buses can take up to four hours. Check locally for time tables.

Traveling from Honduras to Estelí takes about 1.5-2 hrs by local bus.

Upon arrival by bus to Estelí: To get to Luna International Hostel or the Cafe, take a local taxi, located at the Uno gas station near the bus stations. As mentioned, drivers may know the cafe better. This should cost no more than C$12-15 per person during the day; after 7pm the charge will be C$20-25 per person.

Please do not be persuaded away by local competition at the bus stop that we are full or that our prices have changed. Please read more about our values – including local employment and conditions.  We look forward to welcoming you.

The hostel is marked below; Cafe Luz is across the street to the east and TreeHuggers Tourism Office is across to the north.

Here’s the route from both bus stations – A is the south bus station (Contran Sur), B is the north bus station (Contran Norte) and C the hostel and cafe – but just ask a taxi to take you to Cafe Luz.

Alternatively, OpenStreetMap has great coverage of Estelí and Nicaragua in general.

Arriving by CAR:

Arriving from the south via the Pan American Highway heading north: after passing the Uno gas station on your left hand side, turn left at Fono Centre sign. You will see the smaller SINSA Hardware on your right and will have passed the new large SINSA superstore on your left. Continue straight for 4 blocks until you meet the stop sign behind the cathedral. Turn right here (there is a bookstore called D’Libros across the street) and Hospedaje Luna/Cafe LUZ are the two buildings on either side of the end of this block. The hostel is purple with white doors; the cafe, blue with white trim and black doors.

There are local parking garages nearby for secure night parking.

A fiery sky behind Luna Hostel

A fiery sky behind Luna Hostel